How to embed images into Forum posts

1. Get the BBCode

Simply find your photo and click on it so that it fills the page.

Then scroll down and you’ll see some bbcode links. Click on the “Copy” button to the right of the link (see below).

Note: If you can't scroll down then it means you are in the image viewer. Just click on the image and you'lll be able scroll down.

Copy BBCode

Now back to the forum...........

2. Paste link into Forum post

Once you have copied that link (as in image above), you need to paste it into your forum post.

Compose your post and at the appropriate point paste the link on a new line and ensure that there are blank lines both above and below the link. You do not need to surround the link in any additional code, the img tags in the copied code will suffice.

Embed image

Embed image

That’s it !

Now ensure you’ve finished the rest of the text for your post. When you finished save your post by clicking on the “Post” button (bottom right) and your Photo Gallery image will automatically appear in your post.

When you view the post the image will appear where you placed it. If the image has very large dimensions then the forum software may well resize it so that it fits the page.

Also see How to upload images to the Photos Gallery